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      网址:www.siyaspa.com  2021-12-25  作者:admin    阅读:

      The anti wave stone mould with twisted King character Hollow wave block mould Anti wave block steel mould Quadrangular cone wave stone mould The wave - proof stone mould of twisted structure Cement anti wave block mould Coastal wave stone mould Four corner hollow wave block mold, wave stone mold, which is a steel mold in great demand by coastal cities. Many types are its characteristics, such as four leg hollow style, twisted king style, twisted I-shape style, quadrangular cone style, etc. These all belong to the class of wave stone, and some soft rafts and wave fences will also be constructed and applied at the same time, They all have the function of "preventing waves", so there will be a lot of demand in coastal cities, especially in some areas with developed tourism industry.
      The machinability cycle of the anti wave stone mold is generally about three to five years. If it is used too frequently and misused for a long time, the service life of the natural mold will be shortened. Therefore, workers are required not only to pay attention to the prefabrication process, but also not to neglect the cleaning and storage of the mold after demoulding, Correct use and scientific maintenance are the correct way to extend the mold. Of course, for the production of wave proof stone, the current mold production is a relatively new and mature technical means.