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      Accropode, a kind of armor block, is composed of three members, the two ends of which are parallel, and the middle one is orthogonal to the two ends. The shape of Accropode is similar to the Chinese character "Wang", and the middle is rotated 90 degrees in the middle, which is also called "torsion King" or "hook connected block". The material is concrete, which is poured by setting formwork at one time, which is generally pure concrete pouring. However, when the weight of Accropode is greater than 40t, reinforcement or other anti fracture strengthening measures should be provided, such as increasing the diameter of waist pole, etc., to strengthen the anti fracture capacity of the block. It is usually placed on the outermost layer of breakwater to protect the breakwater by weakening the impact force of waves.
      The installation of accropodes can be divided into two ways: regular placement and irregular placement, the latter being the most common.
      The placement requirements of accropodes are as follows: the quantity deviation should not exceed 5%; the placement posture of adjacent blocks should not be the same; half of the members (3 ends) must be in contact with the cushion.