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      The height of the whole set of Accropode mold is more than one meter. Because of its special and complex shape, two to three workers are required to process at the same time. In this way, the mold can be used smoothly, and other conditions will not affect the normal solidification of the slurry. Moreover, the mold needs to be placed on the ground smoothly during the processing, and several prominent parts are relatively thick. After molding, the mold can be used smoothly Placed around the coastline, it can greatly reduce the impact force of the waves, and also has good water permeability effect. Naturally, placing the prefabricated twisted Prince block in the river channel will have obvious use effect. In order to ensure the smooth construction of the prefabricated parts produced by the Accropode mold, the pouring slurry is also in constant adjustment, so that the prefabricated parts will not break when the river is washed or the waves are pounding for a long time, which reduces the possibility of replacement